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tv   Action News  ABC  August 11, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with rick williams, sarah bloomquist, and meteorologist david murphy. good afternoon. sarah bloomquist is off. in the news, a final farewell,
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funeral services underway for a woman allegedly killed by her husband in pennypack park. an accident on i-95 triggers ig ish s dn nelst af byer nobe reporter jm ecethj? aym in the00ck ck e wastexte ameraimps menlargeefis. and00isd
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ieb i lusikmethfg ict polferik shito. s e poi of thediffering f baiicn theyehat g iasight be in 1000 block of lens and delsey drive, if they saw anything suspicious please call. >> thank you.
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other news, funeral services underway for the woman murdered by her husband last week in pennypack park. gathering to pay respects to 46 year old connie murray. she was found strange mastrangl. and the husband confessed to killing her after failing a lie detector test. they have two daughters, ages 12 and 15. the murder trial continues in norristown for a man accused of killing his family. mcandrew facing charges of murder and they say he slashed his relatives with a sword in 2011. his lawyer is claiming an insanity defense. in st. louis, missouri tensions my after a deadly shooting of an unarmed teenager by a police officer this weekend. more than two dozen people
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arrested after an angry crowd vers jns us live wtohes there. karen> louis. what happende of st. they said one officer was under assault. and others say brown was a victim. beginning as a candlelight vigil for the shooting death of has been unarmed black teenager and then led to violence and looting. and it ferguson, 18 year old michael brown was shot by a police officer on saturday. the police used tear gas to break up crowds. ow wrt his first dayze. of college classes today. >> all ofnd eveg put into it, with no compassion. >> walking in broad daylight to his grandmother's house outside of st. louis. >> he was a good kid and they
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did that to him for no reason. >> brown's friends say that the police officer drove by and told them to get off the street. an argument began after the police officer stepped out of his car. >> the officer then reached out and he grabbed his arm to pull him into the car. now the officer is pulling him in the car and he is trying to pull away. >> they say the officer, a six-year veteran was pushed into the car and physically assaulted. >> there was at least one shot fired in the car. >> brown was killed in the street away from the squad car and hit by more than one bullet. over the end,out. march te up their hands sayin "don't shoot me." and right now there is another vigil outside ofhe police dertment as well as a march out town. so far things are quiet. reporting live, karen travers channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nor that report. a read resurfacing project
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limitanlitantrestinhient on te n wh morgan tim as a jihadre. >> and an american figer y rafttruckle repoedly moving to attack the
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kurdish forces. a new 72-hour cease-fire allowing tal to resume on a long-termruce in gaza. it is allowing palestinian informs leave home and shelters. the war killing 1900 palestinians and 67 people on the israeli side. a canadian family quite a square when lightning struck a hole leaving a local in the baby's playpen. it left scorches and blew out the wiring. >> and i walked in the room and the first thing that hit me is the smell of burnt plastic and the haze of smoke. and i grabbed the baby and yelled "fire" and got the kids out of the house. >> no one was hurt when the lightning struck the home. and the coastuard rescued
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>> a new tlet ptoty may be
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a god send for thoseereisn problems. engineers he developed tablet that using software using the light from each pixel on the scenebadp and they use a filler to enhance the image. it can help the millions whou e ur es perhaps try aup of lrscann
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18yearho of ei are zing the theh neede douk. way tenofe and el what tfferent fromoenentisty utg liislia vitarelli with theprie how was tweenekd? >> eaouasrsto4:up the person ns uhat t case.ew report, findingu could be shelling out eight times asuc you eaat
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le. i ntueakin re wmoe get thing, enjoying ior83t th ait t hit tl h t82tty sve77 in iis acr a few n clouds a sit s ecseacking o anfow hessing i iolley vern outn da ao intoy. tto build and
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ou tday, n u oin early tuesday mof 6:00 tuesday morning a lotthe at howers will be onnd f throughout date ontuesday. 11:00 a.m. you can see pockets of heavy rain acrs the areas in the delawrontn through. and lateuesday intoar rain. whenhi is all said and do in someou haveues withg eti ing. a r oun thwisant, hig igloud showers temperi..during the o p in the
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f the wet weather up on the way we drophemperly the 70ssdayhoatir iis nice on thursday in the wake of is acvity, less humids well with a high o .daya partly mostly sunny and 80. and 86 as we get into sunday. so not bad today, a bit unsettlw wednesday. >> thank you very much. and finally this noon, it was a battle between two states this massive game of hug of war a 2000-foot long rope more than 600 pounds across the mississippi river between le
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clare, iowa and illinois. and illinois took home the title winning 9-2. this competition began in 1987. illinois won 17 times and iowa 11 times. and that's going to do it for "action news." don't forget "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. and get out and enjoy the day and we will see you right here beginning at 4:00. ♪
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